For me it is an important feature to allow glGo to be translated into several languages like gGo/Java. Translating is pretty easy and straightforward and uses the GNU gettext mechanism which is a powerful way to implement international support in an application. Right now I maintain a German translation while developing the program as German is my native language. This way I can make sure that glGo can be properly translated. It won't make yet sense to ask other people to translate glGo into their language as too many things change quickly. Once the application gets more stable and the texts won't change rapidly anymore, I will ask for assistance to add other languages.

If you are interested and want to offer your help to translate glGo into your language somewhen in the future, please drop me a mail.

It will be possible to support Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters in the future. Right now it is not yet implemented, but wxWindows allows Unicode support.